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Projects and Impact

"We Have No Rights": Arbitrary Imprisonment and Cruel Treatment of Migrants with Mental Health Issues in Canada (2015)

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Country-Conditions Memos (2014)

Ezokola v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration - Refugee exclusion provision (December 20th, 2012)

Warsame v. Canada: Complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee  (July 21st, 2011)

Charkaoui v. Canada - Challenge to the Canadian Security Certificate Regime (May 25th, 2006)

Recent Internships

Catherine Thomas, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) (Senegal) (2014)

Palona van Groll, UNHCR (South Africa) (2014)

Emma Julian and Jordan Stone, International Organization for Migration (Geneva) (2014)

Alexander Condon, International Organization for Migration (Geneva/Athens) (2013)

Andrew Sniderman, UNHCR (Zimbabwe) (2013)

Lane Krainyk, UNHCR (Kampala) (2012)

Image Credit: Brandon Sigma @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net