25th Anniversary Photo Exhibition: Transformitive Human Rights

Transformitive Human Rights Exhibition Poster


To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the IHRP launched an exhibition, Transformative Human Rights: 25 Years in the Field, which elebrated the program’s achievements through the lens of its students. The IHRP transforms law students into global citizens by involving them in cutting-edge international human rights work at a pivotal point in their careers. At the same time, the students’ work transforms human rights law around the world.



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The exhibition focused on refugee rights, gender-based violence, international criminal law, and corporate accountability, in order to highlight the contribution of IHRP students to developments in human rights law. These areas equally illustrate larger trends in international human rights law: the protection of non-citizens, the prevention and prosecution of crimes traditionally not acknowledged, and the increased accountability for non-state actors. Transformative Human Rights purposefully concentrated on the rights of the most vulnerable: women, people in war-torn countries, and indigenous persons affected by transnational business. In anticipation of the IHRP’s continued impact on the field, we also identified areas for future advocacy.

Collaboration is a hallmark of the IHRP’s approach: students work with leading advocacy organizations, international courts, and grassroots movements to increase their capacity to effect meaningful change where it is needed most. Transformative Human Rights continued this collaborative tradition: it marked the first time that Faculty of Law and Master of Museum Studies students combined legal and museological expertise to expose the public to the work of the IHRP in an exhibition format.

The exhibiton was open to the public from February 10-23 at the University of Toronto Art Centre (click here for the gallery location).