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 Rights Review Volume 13 Issue 3 Fall 2019

IHRP Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Working GroupSpotlight on IHRP Working Groups (28 November 2019)

With Contributions from Emily Tsui (3L JD/MGA), Keith Garrett (2L), Cailyn Prins (2L), Andrea Das-Wieczorek (2L), and Claire Phillips (2L).

IHRP Alumna Ashley MajorIHRP Alumna Profile: An Interview with Ashley Major (28 November 2019)

With Contributions from Abdullah Khan (1L). 

 Rights Review Volume 13 Issue 2 Fall 2019

IHRP Summer Fellow Teodora Pasca between flags at The Hauge's International Quarter

2019 Summer Fellowships Highlight (30 October 2019)

With Contributions from Adil Munim (3L), Isaac Gazendam (2L), Joshua Eisen (2L), Liam Turnbull (2L), Michelle LaFortune (2L), Spencer Nestico-Semianiw (2L), and Teodora Pasca (2L). 

 Rights Review Volume 13 Issue 1 Fall 2019

The Toronto team presenting during the Summit, hosted at The University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Law


A Timely Summit: Human Rights and Sovereignty in the Spotlight in Hong Kong (25 September 2019)

Amitpal Singh (2L) and Milica Pavlovic (2L)

Ms. Ikponwosa Ero, the UN Independent Expert on Albinism, and other persons with albinism from around the world gathered at Times Square for the ColorFull billboard reveal


From UN Advocacy to Cocktail Parties: Advocating for the rights of persons with albinism (25 September 2019)

India Annamanthadoo (3L)

IHRP Alumnus Vincent Wong

IHRP Alumnus Profile: An Interview with Vincent Wong (25 September 2019)

Julie Lowenstein (3L)

Rights Review Volume 12 Issue 6 Winter 2019

The Homelessness Crisis as a Crisis in Access to Justice: The United Nations Human Rights Council hears how empowerment of the vulnerable can drive realisation of the right to housing for everyone (27 March 2019) 

Sahar Sayyad (2L) and Seána Glennon (LLM) 

Responding to the Audit Report: Taking Kafka out of Immigration Detention (27 March 2019)

Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (4L JD/MGA)

A Conversation with Ikponwosa Ero, Independent Expert on the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism (27 March 2019) 

Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP)

Rights Review Volume 12 Issue 5 Winter 2019

They Live On: Survivors' Narratives of Empowerment 25 Years after the Rwandan Genocide (27 February 2019)

Mehak Kawatra (2L)

Reflections on Rwanda (27 February 2019)

India Annamanthadoo (2L) 

IHRP Alumni Spotlight: Lane Krainyk (27 February 2019)

Brenda Chang (3L) 

Holding Canadian Mining Companies Accountable: IHRP intervenes in Nevsun Resources v Araya (27 February 2019)

Nicole Thompson (2L) and Madeline Torrie (2L)

Rights Review Volume 12 Issue 4 Winter 2019

Justice, Reconciliation, and Everything in Between: The Issue of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (30 January 2019)

Daniel Ki-Won Moon (2L)

Freedom of the Press in Canada: An Interview with Intervenors in R v Vice Media (30 January 2019)

Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA)

Human Rights Panel: Technological Experiments in the Digital Age (30 January 2019)

Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP)

Rights Review Volume 12 Issue 3 Fall 2018

The A-Team in front of Centre Block

The A-Team takes O-Town: IHRP and Citizen Lab consult the federal government on "Bots at the Gate" (28 November 2018) 

Julie Lowenstein (2L) and Solomon McKenzie (3L)

 Advocacy in Ottawa with Cynthia Khoo, Citizen Lab, September 2018

An interview with Petra Molnar: Twists, Turns and Advice on a Career in International Human Rights Law (28 November 2018)

Transcribed (and edited for flow) by Julie Lowenstein (2L) and Solomon McKenzie (3L)

 Bots at the Gate: Front CoverExcerpts from “Bots at the Gate: A Human Rights Analysis of Automated Decision Making in Canada’s Immigration and Refugee System” (28 November 2018)


Rights Review Volume 12 Issue 2 Fall 2018

Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA) at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. Credit: Brenda Chang.

IHRP Summer Fellowship Highlight (1 November 2018) 

With contributions from Adil Munim (2L), Kristen Kephalas (2L JD/MGA), Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP), Madeline Torrie (2L), Nicole Thompson (2L), Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA), Emily Tsui (2L JD/MGA) and Spencer Colburn (2L)


Rights Review Volume 12 Issue 1 Fall 2018

Alexa Hoffmann, Maurice Tomlinson, and Yvonne Chisholm discussing the petition at the press conference at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in Barbados in June 2018.

Challenging Barbados' Discriminatory Sexual Offences Act (26 September 2018)

Amelia Fung (3L) 

Outside Central East Correctional Centre, Lindsey, Ontario, in February 2015.

Protecting Individual Liberty: Gaps in Procedural Fairness at the Immigration Division (26 September 2018)

Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (4L JD/MGA)

 Bethanie Pascutto, Karishma Prasanna and Alex Matic, in Pembroke College, Cambridge, in June 2018.

University of Toronto Digital Verification Corps: Second Annual Amnesty International DVC Summit (26 September 2018)

Karishma Prasanna (3L), Calum Agnew (3L) 

 Rights Review Volume 11 Issue 2 Winter 2018


“2030 is our last chance”: The Right to housing to ensure no one is left behind (28 March 2018)

Lauren Pinder (3L)


Exploitation or Economics? Our Year Learning About Migrant Worker Rights and Recruitment Fees (28 March 2018)

Ramz Aziz (3L JD/MBA) and Alexis Vaughan (3L)


The Right to Housing: Report From a Visit to the Human Rights Council (28 March 2018)

Jeremy Greenberg (2L)


“The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed”: Panel Discussion on the ‘Darker Side of Digital: Human Rights Implications of Technology in Canada & Abroad’ (28 February 2018)

Chelsey Legge (2L JD/MPP)





Q & A: Eliot Higgins (28 February 2018)

Bethanie Pascutto (3L)



Living in Limbo: Non-Citizen Children in State Care (31 January 2018)

Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (3L), Tanzeel Hakak (3L)



Canada brings Refugees, Ontario limits their ability to work (31 January 2018)

Enbal Singer (2L)  and Caroline Stacey (2L)

IHRP Alumni Spotlight: Diane Goodman (31 January 2018)

Brenda Chang (2L)


 Rights Review Volume 11 Issue 1 Fall 2017 


Ethnic Cleansing in Rakhine State: Law Students Assist Amnesty International with Digital Verification in Myanmar (30 November 2017)

Bethanie Pascutto (3L)



Technology-facilitated violence, abuse, and harassment against women and girls: A 21st Century Challenge (30 November 2017)

Chelsey Legge (2L JD/MPP)


IHRP Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Brouwer (30 November 2017)

Per Kraut (3L)



IHRP Alumni Spotlight: Leilani Farha (26 October 2017)

Karlson Leung (3L) and Faye Williams (4L)



 IHRP Summer Fellows Showcase (26 October 2017)


More Than Four Walls and a Roof: A Summer with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing (26 October 2017)

Lauren Pinder (3L)


30th Anniversary

30 Years of Human Rights Impact at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law (27 September 2017)

Amelia Fung (2L) 

 Arif Virani

 IHRP Alumni Profile: Arif Virani (27 September 2017)

Sarah Firestone (2L) and Bethanie Pascutto (3L)

The Next Generation of Human Rights Researchers: U of T Students Hone their Digital Verification Skills (27 September 2017)

Alexandria Matic (3L) and Bethanie Pascutto (3L)


Rights Review Volume 10 Issue 2 Winter 2017

Catherine Dunmore, LLM candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, takes a photo with Senator Marilou McPhedran (centre) and Code Blue Coordinator Kaila Mintz (right) for Code Blue’s scarf initiative. Photograph courtesy of the Code Blue Campaign.

When Protectors of Peace Become Perpetrators of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (30 March 2017

Bethanie Pascutto (2L)

Leilani Farha speaking during a press conference at the UN Office in Geneva. Photography by Karlson Leung.

The Commodification of Dignity: How the global financialization of housing markets has transformed a fundamental human right into a commodity (30 March 2017

Karlson Leung (2L) & Faye Williams (JD/MGA 2L)

 RR Logo

Our Nation's Hidden Crisis: Solitary Confinement (30 March 2017

Katrina Kairys (1L) & Jeremy Greenberg (1L)

Illustration by Ryookyung Kim. Image courtesy of International Human Rights Program.

Immigration Detention Harms Canadian Families (28 February 2017

Yolanda Song (3L)

Renu Mandhane: Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Former International Human Rights Program Director at the University of Toronto.

Speaking with Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission: Renu Mandhane (28 February 2017)

Rona Ghanbari (3L) & Hanna Gros (U of T Alumnus and IHRP Senior Fellow)

In the heart of Guatemala City, posters display the images of people who were ‘disappeared’ during the brutal civil war. The message “without justice, there is no peace” (translated from Spanish) is spray-painted below. Photography by Samer Muscati.

Sandra Morán: A Lifelong Revolutionary (26 January 2017)

Abisola Omotayo (LLM) & Ashley Peoples (2L)

Palais des Nations (Palace of Nations) in Geneva, where the CEDAW review meetings were held. Photograph courtesy of Lara Koerner Yeo.

Canada's gaps in implementing women's rights: The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women's 2016 review of Canada (26 January 2017)

Lara Koerner Yeo (3L) 

Sarah Firestone in front of the International Criminal CourtSummer Experiences: The Hague Academy of International Law (26 January 2017)

Sarah Firestone (1L)



Rights Review Volume 10 Issue 1 Fall 2016

Protesters and banners during Occupy Central in Hong Kong’s Admiralty district. Photography by Karlson Leung.

The Umbrella Movement: A popular uprising predicated on the 'naive' belief that anything is possible. (30 November 2016)

Karlson Leung (2L) 

Maurice Tomlinson and the International Human Rights Program clinic students. As a guest lecturer at a clinic seminar last month, Maurice spoke about his work as an LGBTI rights advocate in the Caribbean.

Striving for Pride in Jamaica (30 November 2016)

Bethanie Pascutto (2L) 

Georgette Gagnon in a media scrum with local journalists in Kunar, Afghanistan. Photography by Fardin Waezi/United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

Protection of Civilians at a Crossroads: An international human rights superstar’s reflections on South Sudan (30 November 2016)

Yolanda Song (3L) 

Karlson and Kerry at the Peace Palace in The Hague

Bystanders to Evil: Toward a Principled Approach to Omission Liability Under the Doctrine of Joint Criminal Enterprise (27 October 2016)

Karlson Leung (2L) and Kerry Sun (2L)

Dancing at a Court Users Committee Open Day where Ashley shared information with her coworkers about Ripples International and the Equality Effect’s “160 Girls” Project, which aims to protect all girls in Kenya against sexual abuse.

U of T Law Meets World: Reflections on IHRP-Facilitated Fellowships (27 October 2016)

Rights Review Senior Board

Child detention sketch

No Life for a Child: A Roadmap to End Immigration Detention of Children and Family Separation (28 September 2016)

Rona Ghanbari (3L)

Hanna in Ethopia

Spotlight: Hanna Gros, Co-author of No Life for a Child, IHRP Senior Fellow, and Graduate of U of T Law (28 September 2016)

Rona Ghanbari (3L)

Rights Review Volume 9 Issue 2 Spring 2016 


Quest for Accountability and Justice in Sri Lanka: Keeping the Focus on Victims (31 March 2016

Dharsha Jegatheeswaran, IHRP Alumnus


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: the Invisibility of Homeless People and Their Rights (31 March 2016)

Rona Ghanbari, 2L


Incarcerated and Discriminated: Transgender Youth and Migrants in United States Prisons (31 March 2016)

Elliot Fonarev, 2L


Three Issues a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Must Address (24 February 2016

Lara Koerner Yeo, 2L


The Yedizi Genocide: In Search of a Sense of Direction (24 February 2016)

Hanna Gros, 3L


Breaking Legal Boundaries: Transnational Torts and Human Rights (24 February 2016)

Emma Julian, 3L


 Yaiguaje v Chevron Corp. is Back in the Canadian Courts (24 February 2016)

Graham Henry, 2L


Terrorism, Free Expression and Social Activism: An Interview with Mohamed Fahmy (27 January 2016)

Aidan Campbell, 1L 


Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court (27 January 2016)

Misha Boutilier, 1L


Rights Review Volume 9 Issue 1 (pdf edition)



Increased Vulnerabilities: A Criticism of North American Refugee Policy1
A Farewell Interview with the Executive Director5
Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa6
Politics of a Refugee Crisis: Syrian Refugees and the Canadian Response7
The Detention of Migrants in Canada8
How One IHRP Alumna Contributed to a Historic Win for LGBT Rights9
Tumaini: Hope in Swahili10
Juvenile Justice and the Age of Criminal Responsibility11
South Sudan: Pervasive Sexual Violence, Potential War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the World's Newest Country14
eyeWitness and the Issue of Admissibility15
The Role of the Judiciary in Preventing Post-Electoral Violence16
Reflecting on Human Rights, Cultural Relativism and Neo-Colonialism17
Is the Right to Health Flat-Lining in South Africa? The Failing Promise of Health Care Provisions in South Africa's Constitution 18
Analyzing the Right to Health Framework19

Rights Review Volume 8 Issue 2 (pdf edition)


Human RIghts: A Framework to Respond to Violence against Aboriginal Women and Girls1
Limited Liability in Yaiguaje v Chevron4
Long Term Detention of Immigrants with Mental Health Issues in Canada5
Exposing the "Ugly Side" of Canada's Immigration Laws: An Interview with Amar Wala, Director and Producer of The Secret Trial 56
The Secret Trial 5: A Film Review7
UN Criticisms of Canada's Immigration Detention Policies8
Hong Kong's Protests, Free Assembly and the Rule of Law9
The Umbrella Movement: Hong Kong's Quest for Democracy10
Freedom of Expression in Jordan: An Interview with Journalists for Human Rights11
Advocacy, Research and Capacity-Building at the 2015 PEN Americas Summit12
Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy: An Interview with Dr. Wael Haddara13
Fear Above Science: Canada's Ebola-Related Visa Restrictions14
African Grandmothers Tribunal: Seeking Justice at the Frontlines of the AIDS Crisis15
Multiple Voices of Reproductive Law's Most Dynamic Dialogue: Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective, Cases and Controversies, A Book Review16
Mapping Global Health Rights16
Anti-NGO Law Obstructs Efforts to Counter Human Trafficking in Ethiopia17
A Victory in Uganda? LGBT Rights After the Invalidation of the Anti-Homosexuality Act18
Not Safe at Home: Human Rights Watch Reports on LGBT Rights in Jamaica19
Interview with Human Rights Watch's Graeme Reid20
Implementing Canada's Human Rights Obligations21
IHRP in the News21
The WHRR Working Group: Improving Access to Justice through Access to Information23
Rape Law and Rape Statistics in India: A Dismal Picture24
Empty Rulings and Empty Rights: Ongoing Tensions Between Sharia and Civil Courts in Malaysia25
2015 IHRP Interns26
Has Palestine Finally Gained Access to the ICC?27
Developments in Gender-Based Crimes at the ICC: The Prosecutor v Bosco Ntaganda28
IHRP Deepens Partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross28
Looking Ahead: Future Challenges to State Immunity Following R v Kazemi29
The International Criminal Justice Sentencing Gap30
Cautious Hope in Post-War Sri Lanka31
Pakistani Citizens Able to Access Supreme Court Directly through Innovative 'Human Rights Cell'32
The Challenges of the International Criminal Court33
International Criminal Law at a Crossroads: A Conversation with James Stewart34
Interview with Richard Dicker of Human Rights Watch, an Architect of Mdern International Criminal Law35
Inspiration and Entertainment from a True National and Global Leader36
Constitutional Design and Other Adventures: A Conversation with Professor Richard Stacey38
Religious Freedom in the Post-9/11 World: A Conversation with Professor Anna Su39


Rights Review Volume 7 Issue 2


Israeli Law and Asylum Seekers1
Risk of Torture and Sri Lankan Refugees4
Lamedusa Tragedy: Eritrean Migrants and Human Rights5
Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program6
Unauthorized Migrants and Access to Health Insurance7
Canadian Mining Companies and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights10
Disappearance of Indigenous Peoples in Columbia11
Textile Tragedy in Bangladesh12
Political Prisoners in Iran13
Ending the "War on Terror"14
Conflict in South Sudan Post-Independence15
Argentina's Dirty War16
"Re-Criminalizing" Homosexuality in India 17
IHRP Clinic Projects18
IHRP Working Groups22

Rights Review Volume 7 Issue 1


LGBT Rights in Uganda1
Advancing LGBT Rights4
Alternatives to the Detention of Migrants8
Migration, Xenophobia and the Erosion of Human Rights in Greece9
Ezokola v Canada10
Refugee Protection in Canada11
Protection Gaps for Environmental Migrants12
Canadian Refugee Policy 13
Health as a Human Right14
Transitional Justice Failures in Honduras15
Shanghai Cooperation Organization's Counter-Terrorism Strategy16
Asia's Latest Authoritarian Regime: Sri Lanka17
Implementing Due Process Rights in Myanmar19
Global Justice: Momentum at the ICC Faces Roadblocks21
160 Girls Malawi23

Rights Review Volume 6 Issue 2

IHRP & CCIJ at the Supreme Court1
Interview wih Michael Gibson3
From the Olympics to the Shura Council4
Protest by Female Prisoners in Iran5
Education and Human Rights in Guatemala6
"Bengali Muslims" or Burmese Residents7
Seeking Justice for Victims of Torture8
Fight of African Grandmothers9
Journalists Silenced in Central America9
Interview with Ken Rother11
Point-Counterpoint: Honour Killings in Canadian Criminal Law12
A Conversation with Cecilia Medina12
Canada's Legal and Policy Responses to Modern Day Slavery14
Child Trafficking in the Philippines15
Update on the Human Rights Situation in South Sudan16
Rights and Democracy Flounder in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka17
Canada's War Crimes Program18
Gendering the Arab Spring19
An Interview with Patricia Nyaundi20
An Interview with James Stewart21
An Interview with Rebecca Cook22
The IHRP's Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Working Group23
The IHRP's International Humanitarian Law Working Group23
The Role of the Amicus24
An Interview with Richard Elliott25
Interning at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon26
Louise Arbour Speaks Freely26
Preventing Election Violence in Kenya27
A Conversation with Jameel Jaffer28
Challenging America's Targeted Killings Programs in U.S. Courts29
Revenue Transparency in Canada's Extractive Sector30
Made in Bangladesh31
Refugee Healthcare in Canada31
An Interview with Valentina Azarov32
Protection of Domestic Workers in Bahrain35

Rights Review Volume 6 Issue 1


The Ones Left Behind: Rural China's Struggle for Land Rights1
Timor-L'Este: A Promising Display of Multi-Sectoral Development4
The Duty to Consult and Natural Resource Extraction in Peru5
Advancing Children's Rights in Canada6
Ongoing Rights Violations by the Burmese Government7
The International Community's Commitment to Reproductive Rights8
Is there a Right to Drug Efficacy and Safety Information?9
A Constitutional Challenge in Kenya10
Protecting the Human Rights of the Criminally Accused11
A Time of Transition and Reflection at the ICC - Office of the Prosecutor12
When Work meets Life: My Summer as an International Litigator in Croatia13
Biological and Chemical Warfare During World War II in Asia14
Reflections from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda15
Accountability for Forced Labour During World War II in Asia16
Representing Employers at the International Labour Organization17
"Refugee" Rights in Israel18
Managing a Refugee Influx in Uganda20

Rights Review Volume 5 Issue 2 (25th Anniversary Edition)


Transformative Human Rights: Behind the Scenes3
Domestic Violence and Human Rights5
Classifying Rape as a Weapon of War7
The Case for Universal Jurisdiction Laws9
Challenges for the First Prosecutors of the ICC10
Revenue Transparency in Canada15
The Way Forward in the DRC after the Dodd-Frank Act16
Dependence or Deportation: Immigrant Women in Abusive Relationships19
The Honeymoon is Over in South Sudan21
On Egypt: Freedom Denied?22
Why Libya and not Syria?25
Alyne’s Story27
See no Evil?: Chinese Investment in Africa28
The Anatomy of an Access to Information Complaint31
Involuntary Detention of XDR-TB Patients32
Children’s Rights: A Summer in Rural Kenya37
The “M-Word”39

Rights Review Volume 5 Issue 1


160 Girls: The Enforcement of Child Rape Laws in Kenya3
Seeking Refuge in a Troubled Land3
Fighting Impunity at the ICC4
Building a Darfur Defence4
Interning at the ICTR5
Prospects and Problems for Resource Extraction in Colombia6
The World’s Watching Eyes7
Victims Rights and Reparations at the ITCJ8
Defending Reproductive Rights8
The Need to Engage Women in Post-Conflict9
My Summer at the ILO10
Access to Justice for Rape Survivors in Bangladesh11
Arrest and Detention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories12
First Nations and Tribal Water Rights in the Yukon Watershed14
International Human Right Advocacy in the Capital15
South Africa’s Section 2717
Updates from the IHRP20

Rights Review Volume 4 Issue 3


Civil War in Côte d’Ivoire?3
Political Crisis in Zimbabwe4
Democracy and Public Protests5
Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan6
The Case of Leopoldo Lopez7
Revolution in the Middle East8
Libyan Migrant Workers9
Gay Rights in Uganda10
Kenyan Constitutional Litigation10
Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Liu Xiaobo11
Conflict Resources in the DRC12
Canada and Battling the Resource Curse12
IDPs and the Secession of South Sudan13
Counterpoint: Convention on the Rights of the Child14
Global Issues and Cinema19
Ombudsman in Kerala21
Right-Ups: IHRP Events at the Faculty of Law23
Updates from the IHRP28

Rights Review Volume 4 Issue 2


(Re-)Mapping the Congo3
Indefinite Detention in Canada3
Burmese Elections4
Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan5
Collective Rights5
Counterpoint: DRIP6
Right to Water7
New Leadership in North Korea8
Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime8
Canada, Mining and Human Rights9
Trebilcock Talks Foreign Aid9
Canada’s Security Council Seat10
ICJ’s Advisory Opinion on Kosovo’s Independence10
Russian Journalists in Khimi Dispute11
Feature Focus: Canada Fails to Uphold Refugee Rights12
IHRP In Action14
Cultural Rights16
Canada’s Overseas Visa Officers18
Updates from the IHRP20

Rights Review Volume 4 Issue 1


In Judges' Chambers at the ICTR1
Lawyers in Exile - The Burma Lawyers' Council3
A Play for Peace on the Pitch4
Reforming Ireland's Abortion Laws4
Avocats Sans Frontieres in Africa5
Domestic Protection of International Human Rights5
From Eastern Europe to Eastern Africa6
Progress and Persistence in Peru7
Human Rights in China - in NYC7

Rights Review Volume 3 Issue 1


Editors' Note2
Khadr & Prerogative Power3
Assessing Human Rights4
Polygamy in Bountiful5
Homophobia in Uganda6
Switzerland's Minarets7
Transgender Momentum8
Head of State Immunity9
Developments in Iran10
Who is an Ivorian?11
Burmese Elections12
Transnational Justice13
Alumni Interview14
Inside the ICTY15
Injustice for First Nations16
SOGI Update17
IHRP Speaker Series17

Rights Review Volume 2 Issue 2


Editors' Note2
Dissidence in Vietnam3
Immigration Reform4
Repression in Guinea5
Sri Lankan Peacebuilding6
Vancouver Olympics7
Munyaneza Sentencing7
Corporate Accountability8
US Alien Tort Claims Act9
IHRC Update10
Alumni Interview11
IHRP Speaker Series12
IHRP Working Groups14
Human Rights Events15
dren’s Rights: A Summer in Rural Kenya 
The “M-Word” 

Rights Review Volume 2 Issue 1


Semester in Review2
Human Rights and Development3
Omar Al-Bashir4
ICTR Convicts Bagosora5
Munyaneza Tried for War Crimes5
Sri Lanka Impediment to Peace6
Cuba Libre?7
Gaza and Israel8
Acid Attacks in South Asia10
Imprisoned in Paradise10
IHRP Speaker Review11
Alumni Interview12
Book Reviews13
Toronto Human Rights Events14

Rights Review Volume 1 Issue 1


US Supreme Court Overrules White House1
Note from the Editors2
International Human Rights Clinic3
Solidarity with Burmese Law Students4
IHRP: Spotlight on Working Groups5
Tribute to Gurnam "Sunny" Sodhi6
IHRP: The Intern Experience8
Speaker Series Review8
Upcoming Human Rights Events9
Alumni Interview: Jennifer Stone10
Why Libya and not Syria?25
Alyne’s Story27
See no Evil?: Chinese Investment in Africa28
The Anatomy of an Access to Information Complaint31
Involuntary Detention of XDR-TB Patients32
Children’s Rights: A Summer in Rural Kenya37
The “M-Word”39