Rights Review 10(2) Winter 2017


Catherine Dunmore, LLM candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, takes a photo with Senator Marilou McPhedran (centre) and Code Blue Coordinator Kaila Mintz (right) for Code Blue’s scarf initiative. Photograph courtesy of the Code Blue Campaign.

When Protectors of Peace Become Perpetrators of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (30 March 2017


Bethanie Pascutto (2L)

Leilani Farha speaking during a press conference at the UN Office in Geneva. Photography by Karlson Leung.

The Commodification of Dignity: How the global financialization of housing markets has transformed a fundamental human right into a commodity (30 March 2017


Karlson Leung (2L) & Faye Williams (JD/MGA 2L)

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Our Nation's Hidden Crisis: Solitary Confinement (30 March 2017


Katrina Kairys (1L) & Jeremy Greenberg (1L)

Illustration by Ryookyung Kim. Image courtesy of International Human Rights Program.

Immigration Detention Harms Canadian Families (28 February 2017)  

Yolanda Song (3L)

Renu Mandhane: Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Former International Human Rights Program Director at the University of Toronto.

Speaking with Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission: Renu Mandhane (28 February 2017)

Rona Ghanbari (3L) & Hanna Gros (U of T Alumnus and IHRP Senior Fellow)

In the heart of Guatemala City, posters display the images of people who were ‘disappeared’ during the brutal civil war. The message “without justice, there is no peace” (translated from Spanish) is spray-painted below. Photography by Samer Muscati.

Sandra Morán: A Lifelong Revolutionary (26 January 2017)

Abisola Omotayo (LLM) & Ashley Peoples (2L)

Palais des Nations (Palace of Nations) in Geneva, where the CEDAW review meetings were held. Photograph courtesy of Lara Koerner Yeo.

Canada's gaps in implementing women's rights: The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women's 2016 review of Canada (26 January 2017)

Lara Koerner Yeo (3L) 

Sarah Firestone in front of the International Criminal Court

Summer Experiences: The Hague Academy of International Law (26 January 2017)

Sarah Firestone (1L)