Grant Support

Elton John AIDS Foundation supports the International Human Rights Program

Experiential Learning

Sending students into the field for over 25 years

Knowledge Exchange

Events on cutting-edge issues

Building Capacity

to assist Canada's leading advocates

Submissions to the UN Special Rapporteur for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in advance to his official visit to Canada


Honduras: Journalism in the Shadow of Impunity

PEN and the IHRP testify on violence against journalists in Honduras at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights


the field of international human rights law

The IHRP: Advancing the Field of International Human Rights Law

The International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law enhances the legal protection of existing and emerging international human rights obligations through advocacy, knowledge-exchange, and capacity-building initiatives that provide experiential learning opportunities for students and legal expertise to civil society.

Video Celebrating IHRP's 25th Anniversary