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Donations to the International Human Rights Program (IHRP) are expanding the reach of tomorrow’s human rights advocates and promoting meaningful social change. With your support, the IHRP can fulfil its goal of serving as a partner in international and domestic social movements while training the next generation of movement lawyers in Canada.

As Canadian-trained lawyers and law students, we are in a unique position to encourage our nation’s adherence to its own international human rights commitments. We are seeking accountability for victims of our own state’s harms as well as those of third parties whom Canada is meant to regulate. As such, over this academic year, and into the foreseeable future, the IHRP is pursing state accountability through the distinct areas of corporate accountability, Indigenous rights, and climate justice.

The cornerstone of the IHRP’s work is our renowned international human rights clinic, the first clinic of its kind in Canada, which invests in future advocates who go on to work alongside communities and social movements tackling oppressive structures of power and seeking systemic change.

Meanwhile, the IHRP is advancing student-led working groups and publications, summer internships abroad, advocacy initiatives, and engagement with civil society. Your donations not only provide students with career-defining opportunities, but they build their capacity to achieve lasting social impact within our nation and in the communities we reach.

In a 2021 review of the IHRP, Professor Emerita Rebecca Cook, the founder of the IHRP in 1987, noted:

“Many students referenced IHRP as their reason for coming to this Faculty of Law...”

“IHRP’s work products...have led to significant policy and legal changes in Canada and beyond, and the Program has become the intervener of choice in particular subject matter areas.”

Continuing over 35 years of international human rights work, your generosity enables us to scale this impact.

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