Projects and Impact

HRW Submission to the Government of Canada on Police Abuse of Indigenous Women in Saskatchewan and Failures to Protect Indigenous Women from Violence (June 19, 2017)

Women's Human Rights Resources (2014)

Bringing an International Human Rights Perspective to the '160 Girls' Litigation (May 2013)

Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading? Canada's Treatment of Federally-Sentenced Women wtih Mental Health Issues (2012)

A Girl's Right to Learn Without Fear: Working to End Gender-Based Violence at School (2012)

3 to be free (2010)

Recent Internships

Ashley Major, Human Rights Watch (Women) (New York) (2015)

Madison Hass, Equality Effect (Kenya) (2015)

Shannon More, Equality Effect (Kenya) (2014)

Jihan Jacob, Centre for Reproductive Rights (United States) (2013)

Alison Mintoff, Equality Effect (Malawi) (2013)

Faye Yao, Women's Legal Education and Action Fund -- LEAF (Toronto) (IHRP-Asper Centre Intern) (2013)