Rights Review Archive

Volume 14

With contributions from Rights Review Magazine Editorial Staff, Leah Kelley (2L), Dylan Juschko (2L),  and Lauren Lam (4L).
With contributions from Rights Review Magazine Editorial Staff, Abdullah Khan (2L), Ellen An (2L),  and Rachel Bryce (4L JD/MGA).
With contributions from Rights Review Magazine Editorial Staff, Sabrina Sukhdeo (2L), Sterling Mancuso (1L), Martha Côté (1L), David Côté (1L JD/MPP) and Rachel Bryce (4L JD/MGA).
With contributions from Rights Review Magazine Editorial StaffTaskeen Ather Nawab (2L), Sabrina Sukhdeo (2L), Vivian Cheng (2L), Annecy Pang (2L), Abdullah Jamshed Khan (2L) and Rachel Bryce (4L JD/MGA).
With contributions from Rights Review Magazine Editorial StaffTaskeen Ather Nawab (2L), Sabrina Sukhdeo (2L), Ainslie Pierrynowski (2L), Alexa Cheung (2L), Maddie Andrew-Gee (2L) and Rachel Bryce (4L JD/MGA).

Special Summer Issue (27 July 2020)
With contributions from Downtown Legal Services. 

Volume 13 

Issue 6 (25 March 2020)
With contributions from Emily Tsui (3L JD/MGA), Hana Awwad (2L), and Angela Gu (1L). 

Issue 5 (28 February 2020)
With contributions from Emily Tsui (3L JD/MGA) and India Annamanthadoo (3L).

Issue 4 (29 January 2020)
With contributions from Madeline Torrie (3L), Julie Lowenstein (3L), Adil Munim (3L), Rachel Bryce (3L JD/MGA), and Andrea Das-Wieczorek (2L).

Issue 3 (28 November 2019)
With contributions from Emily Tsui (3L JD/MGA), Keith Garrett (2L), Cailyn Prins (2L), Andrea Das-Wieczorek (2L), Claire Phillips (2L), and Abdullah Khan (1L). 

Issue 2 - 2019 Fellowships Highlight (30 October 2019)
With contributions from Adil Munim (3L), Isaac Gazendam (2L), Joshua Eisen (2L), Liam Turnbull (2L), Michelle LaFortune (2L), Spencer Nestico-Semianiw (2L), and Teodora Pasca (2L).

Issue 1 (25 September 2019)
With contributions from Amitpal Singh (2L), Milica Pavlovic (2L), India Annamanthadoo (3L), and Julie Lowenstein (3L).

Volume 12

Issue 6 (27 March 2019)
With contributions from Sahar Sayyad (2L), Seána Glennon (LLM), Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (4L JD/MGA), and Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP)

Issue 5 (27 February 2019)
With contributions from Mehak Kawatra (2L), India Annamanthadoo (2L), Brenda Chang (3L), Nicole Thompson (2L), and Madeline Torrie (2L).

Issue 4 (30 January 2019)
With contributions from Daniel Ki-Won Moon (2L), Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA), Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP).

Issue 3 (28 November 2018)
With contributions from Julie Lowenstein (2L) and Solomon McKenzie (3L).

Issue 2 - 2018 Fellowships Highlight (1 November 2018)
With contributions from Adil Munim (2L), Kristen Kephalas (2L JD/MGA), Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP), Madeline Torrie (2L), Nicole Thompson (2L), Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA), Emily Tsui (2L JD/MGA), and Spencer Colburn (2L).

Issue 1 (26 September 2018)
With contributions from Amelia Fung (3L), Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (4L JD/MGA), Karishma Prasanna (3L), and Calum Agnew (3L). 

Volume 11

Issue 6 (28 March 2018)
With contributions from Lauren Pinder (3L), Ramz Aziz (3L JD/MBA), Alexis Vaughan (3L), and Jeremy Greenberg (2L). 

Issue 5 (28 February 2018)
With contributions from Chelsey Legge (2L JD/MPP) and Bethanie Pascutto (3L).

Issue 4 (31 January 2018)
With contributions from Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (3L), Tanzeel Hakak (3L), Enbal Singer (2L), Caroline Stacey (2L), and Brenda Chang (2L). 

Issue 3 (30 November 2017)
With contributions from Bethanie Pascutto (3L), Chelsey Legge (2L JD/MPP), and Per Kraut (3L)

Issue 2 (26 October 2017)
With contributions from Karlson Leung (3L), Faye Williams (4L), Lauren Pinder (3L), Sam Levy (4L), Calum Agnew (2L), Jeannie Pau (2L), Amelia Fung (2L), Alexandria Proctor (2L), Jeremy Greenberg (2L), Brenda Chang (2L), Daniel Sisgoreo (2L), Robert Chiu (2L), Anda Wang (3L), Enbal Singer (2L), Holly Kallmeyer (2L), and Ritika Rai (2L). 

Issue 1 (27 Sept 2017)
With contributions from Amelia Fung (2L), Sarah Firestone (2L), Bethanie Pascutto (3L), and Alexandria Matic (3L).

Volume 10

Issue 6 (30 March 2017)
With contributions from Bethanie Pascutto (2L), Karlson Leung (2L), Faye Williams (JD/MGA 2L), Katrina Kairys (1L), and Jeremy Greenberg (1L).

Issue 5 (28 February 2017)
With contributions from Yolanda Song (3L), Rona Ghanbari (3L), and Hanna Gros (U of T Alumnus and IHRP Senior Fellow).

Issue 4 (26 January 2017)
With contributions from Abisola Omotayo (LLM), Ashley Peoples (2L), Lara Koerner Yeo (3L), and Sarah Firestone (1L).

Issue 3 (30 November 2016)
With contributions from Karlson Leung (2L), Bethanie Pascutto (2L), and Yolanda Song (3L).

Issue 2 (27 October 2016)
With contributions from Karlson Leung (2L), Kerry Sun (2L), and the Rights Review Senior Board.

Issue 1 (28 September 2016)
With contributions from Rona Ghanbari (3L).

Volume 9

Issue 4 (31 March 2016)
With contributions from Dharsha Jegatheeswaran (IHRP Alumnus), Rona Ghanbari (2L), Elliot Fonarev (2L). 

Issue 3 (24 February 2016)
With contributions from Lara Koerner Yeo (2L), Hanna Gros (3L), Emma Julian (3L), and Graham Henry (2L).

Issue 2 (27 January 2016)
With contributions from Aidan Campbell (1L) and Misha Boutilier (1L).

Issue 1 (October 2015)

Volume 8

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