Ongoing Projects

Upholding Canada's International Human Rights Law Obligations with Respect to Arms Exports

Under Canada’s Export and Import Permits Act, the government is prohibited from issuing a permit to export arms if there is a “substantial risk” those arms could be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international human rights law or international humanitarian law. However, the government has continued to issue permits for the export of arms to Israel, despite mounting evidence of serious violations of international law being committed by Israeli forces. 

Students are providing legal research in support of a court challenge seeking to uphold Canada’s international human rights law (and domestic law) obligations by stopping Canadian arms exports to Israel. The claim raises unique legal issues with respect to the application of international human rights norms in Canadian courts and has the potential to be a landmark case in this regard.

Although Parliament has since passed a motion also calling on the government to end arms exports to Israel, that motion is non-binding, limited in scope, and subject to different interpretations - as is the government's subsequent statement that it would abide by it.  

Challenging the Impact of a Transnational Pipeline

Our clinic students are working with Representatives of 51 Tribal and First Nations of Anishinaabe People to assist with their efforts to challenge the operation of a major transnational pipeline that carries crude oil and gas originating in Canada through Anishinaabe territories in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario. Advocates claim that every minute the pipeline continues to operate extends the likelihood of catastrophic oil spills along its route, threatening Indigenous territory, culture, and way of life, as well as precious freshwater bodies like the Great Lakes. 

It is alleged the Canadian government has ignored the dangers this pipeline poses and continues to shield the pipeline company from such challenges. 

Accountability of a Canadian Resource Extraction Company for Human Rights Abuses Abroad

Students will support, through legal research and analysis, an anticipated claim relating to serious human rights abuses alleged to have been committed by employees of a Canadian resource extraction company that operates abroad. The claim has the potential to progress corporate accountability by redressing the survivors in this case while setting a precedent for future harms to be remedied. 

Investigation against a Canadian-based mining company

A Canadian oil and gas exploration company carrying out exploration drilling abroad has caught global attention and attracted accusations of disrupting key ecosystems. The company's operations are suspected to be harming the environment and violating the rights of local communities. Students will be working with a local community alliance dedicated to challenging the company's oil and gas exploration and drilling in the river basin to assist affected individuals and communities.


* Please Note: The IHRP only selects projects through referrals from NGOs. We do not provide legal services to individuals without a referral from an NGO.