Notable IHRP Alumni




"My IHRP internship nearly 25 years ago opened doors for my eventual career in international human rights law."

- Diane Goodman, Deputy Director, Europe Bureau, UN High Commissioner for Refugees




Onyema Afulukwe, Center for Reproductive Rights, United States 

Dina Bogecho,  Global Health Bioethics Network, Oxford University, U.K.

Laura Brittain, Refugee Law Office of Legal Aid Ontario, Canada

Andrew Brouwer, Refugee Law Office of Legal Aid Ontario, Canada

Erica Bussey, Special Court for Sierra Leone

Sandra Chu, Canadian HIV-AIDS Legal Network

Jonathan Cohen, Deputy Director, Open Society Institute Health Program, United States

Matthew Cohen, Pro Bono Law Ontario, Canada

Abbey Deshman, Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Adrian Di Giovanni, International Development Research Centre, Canada

Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat, Nansen Initiative Secretariat, Switzerland

Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing

Diane Goodman, Europe Bureau, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Eszter Kismondi, World Health Organizations

Karen Knop, Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Canada

Alexis Kontos, Amnesty International, South Africa

Gillian Lester, Dean, Colombia Law School, United States

Megan McLemore, Human Rights Watch, United States

Rebecca Netley, Foreign and Defence Policy Secretariat, Canada

Diya Nijhowne, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack, United States

Valerie Oosterveld, Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), University of Western Ontario, Canada

Sonali Regmi, Centre for Reproductive Rights, United States

Rosalind Sipos, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Appeals Chamber)

Alison Symington, Canadian HIV-AIDS Legal Network