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Volume 16, Issue 4 of Rights Review highlights the IHRP working groups.

In our January issue, we hear from the students leading the International Human Rights Program (IHRP) working groups at the Faculty of Law. We also feature an interview with the new Director of the IHRP program, Sandra Wisner. 



Interview with IHRP Director Sandra Wisner (19 January 2023) 

With contributions from the Rights Review Editorial Board 2022-2023

Working Group: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (19 January) 

Gursheen Cheema (3L) and Mishail Adeel (3L)


Working Group: Women's Human Rights Resources Database (19 January)

Aliya Hemani (2L) and Megan Peters (2L)



Working Group: Advancing Global Health and Human Rights (19 January) 

Erin Kim (2L) and Aimee Veiner (2L)

 Working Group: The Venezuela Accountability Project (VAP) (19 January) 

Samantha Misner (2L)

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Rights Review is the independent student-led publication of the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. All articles and publications are from the U of T community. We publish online and in print each month in the law school's student newspaper, Ultra Vires. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

2022-2023 Rights Review Editorial Board

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Martha Côté (3L) and Julianne Schmidt (2L)

Senior Editors: Duncan Crabtree (2L) and Ally Mastantuono (2L)

Junior Editors: Fatima Aamir (2L), Hannah Beltran (1L), and Vidit Desai (1L)

Online Editor: Jason Quinn (1L)


Rights Review is always looking for talented U of T law students and other U of T students interested in international human rights issues to contribute to the publication. Please email us with your pitch and/or submission.


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