Rights Review 12(1) Fall 2018

Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA) at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. Credit: Brenda Chang.

IHRP Summer Fellowship Highlight (1 November 2018) 

With contributions from Adil Munim (2L), Kristen Kephalas (2L JD/MGA), Chelsey Legge (4L JD/MPP), Madeline Torrie (2L), Nicole Thompson (2L), Rachel Bryce (2L JD/MGA), Emily Tsui (2L JD/MGA) and Spencer Colburn (2L)

Alexa Hoffmann, Maurice Tomlinson, and Yvonne Chisholm discussing the petition at the press conference at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in Barbados in June 2018.

Challenging Barbados' Discriminatory Sexual Offences Act (26 September 2018)

Amelia Fung (3L) 

Outside Central East Correctional Centre, Lindsey, Ontario, in February 2015.

Protecting Individual Liberty: Gaps in Procedural Fairness at the Immigration Division (26 September 2018)

Anne-Rachelle Boulanger (4L JD/MGA)

 Bethanie Pascutto, Karishma Prasanna and Alex Matic, in Pembroke College, Cambridge, in June 2018.

University of Toronto Digital Verification Corps: Second Annual Amnesty International DVC Summit (26 September 2018)

Karishma Prasanna (3L), Calum Agnew (3L)