April 1st Book Launch & Photo Exhibit Commemorating Rwandan Survivors

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sexual violence has been used as a gruesome weapon of war for generations. Through intimate testimonials provided by genocide survivors, The Men Who Killed Me project redefines justice and resilience in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide. Last November, the IHRP team had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda and re-interview some of the survivors featured in The Men Who Killed Me (2009) for its sequel, And I Live On: The Resilience of Rwandan Genocide Survivors of Sexual Violence, set to be released next month. 


Please join us at U of T's Hart House for the launch of our book and photo exhibit featuring the enduring stories of Rwanda's genocide survivors. The event is free and proceeds from the sales of books and photographs go to Mukomeze, an NGO that supports genocide survivors. For more information: http://harthouse.ca/events/and-i-live-on-the-enduring-stories-of-rwandas-survivor/


See reflections by IHRP students who participated in the project: