IHRP announces 2015 summer interns

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The IHRP is pleased to announce its 2015 summer interns, who will join the ranks of the over 300 interns we have sent into the field since 1987.  Congratulations to this year's amazing interns, and stay tuned for reports from the field over the course of the next few months.

Nour Bargach (1L), International Organization for Migration (Geneva)

Katie Bresner (2L), Canadian Department of Justice, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Prosecutions Unit (Ottawa)

Madison Hass (1L), The Equality Effect (Kenya)

Philip Omorogbe (1L), PEN International (London)

Samuel Levy (1L), International Organization for Migration (Geneva)

Sally Wong (1L), Defence for Children International (Geneva)

Rona Ghanbari (1L), Section 27 (Johannesburg) 

Hanna Gros (2L), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - South Africa (Pretoria)

Niki Kermani, PEN International, Writers in Prison Committee (London)

Ashley Major (1L), Human Rights Watch, Women's Rights Division (New York)

Petra Molnar, IHRP Summer Fellow - Health and Human Rights (Toronto)

Matthew Milne (1L), Katiba Institute (Nairobi)

Chetan Muram (1L), Lawyer's Collective (India)

Maia Rotman (1L), IHRP Summer Fellow - Health and Human Rights (Toronto)

Sarah Rostom (1L), Medecins sans Frontiers International (Brussels)

Logan St. John-Smith (1L) - IHRP Summer Fellow (Toronto)

Sherna Tamboly (1L), International Development Law Organization (The Hague)