IHRP files joint complaint to UofT Ombusperson to oppose Career Centre complicity in Hong Kong human rights abuses

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law (IHRP) & the University of Toronto Hong Kong Extradition Law Awareness Group (UTHKELAG) filed a joint complaint as against Tri-Campus Career Services to the University of Toronto Office of the Ombudsperson. IHRP Research Associate Vincent Wong served as legal counsel.

The Complaint argued that job postings for the Hong Kong Police Inspectors (unit commanders) violated Career Services' University Employer Guidelines - specifically provisions which obligate the Respondents to adhere to human rights and ethical recruitment.

The Joint Complaint can be downloaded here.

Media coverage of the backlash against UofT's facilitation of recruitment for Hong Kong police can be found in The Varsity, CBC, NOW Toronto, Lausan, Hong Kong Free Press, and the Globe and Mail.

Update: The UofT job postings expired on June 9th and were not renewed by Career Services. The Office of the Vice Provost Students has agreed to an internal review of the Career Centre's procedures, guided by the concerns raised in the Joint Complaint. The process of the internal review and its results have yet to be released.