New Digital Guide: Migrants Know Your Rights: Facing Immigration Arrest, Detention, and Deportation

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
The IHRP has released a new digital guide: Migrants Know Your Rights: Facing Immigration Arrest, Detention, and Deportation, along with No One is Illegal Toronto, Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network), and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. The Guide was generously funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario. 
This Guide is for migrants and their allies (including service providers, lawyers, academics, and organizers). It provides legal and practical information for people rendered precarious or non-status by the Canadian immigration system on how to navigate systems of immigration enforcement, detention, and deportation. This Guide builds upon previous Know Your Rights work by No One is Illegal Toronto and the May 2020 Migrants Guide on Ontario's Emergency Covid ID Requirement.
The Guide was developed through close consultation with community partners and drafted by Liam Turnbull, Vincent Wong, Marissa Hum, Elene Lam, and Macdonald Scott.
Editors: Ashley Major and Prasanna Balasundaram
Graphic design: Lorraine Chuen