New edition of Rights Review now available!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The new edition of Rights Review is now available!  The very timely cover article by Lara Yeo (1L) argues that international human rights law is an important framework to respond to violence against Aboriginal women and children in Canada.  The remainder of the magazine covers diverse topics from the right to health, to immigration detention, to the state of international justice; the geographic reach is amazing articles exploring issues from Canada, to Sri Lanka, to Pakistan, to Egypt.


The IHRP would also like to congratulate this year’s editorial board for their incredible enthusiasm and commitment.  In particular, Katie Bresner, single-handedly created a better online experience for our readers.  In particular, each issue now has its own page which includes a full pdf download, and a selection of articles that can be read online.  You can even check out our very first issue from 2008.