Speaker - Jim Dube

January 26, 2011

Jim Dube, Partner Emeritus, Blake, Cassels, Graydon LLP; Volunteer with the International Senior Lawyers Project; Legal Consultant for the UN Security Council Panel of Experts on Liberia

Mr. Dube will discuss the collapse of the formal legal system and durability of the traditional legal system during the Liberian civil war (1980-2003), and the Liberian experience with its truth and reconciliation commission, which released its final report in December 2009.

Jim Dube is a Partner Emeritus at Blakes LLP and, since 2007, has been a volunteer lawyer with the International Senior Lawyers Project (“ISLP”). Mr. Dube graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1967, and practiced law at Blakes from 1967 until he retired in 2009. Since 2007, he has travelled to Liberia eight times: five times as a volunteer lawyer with ISLP, and three times as Legal Consultant for the United Nations Security Council Panel of Experts on Liberia. As an ISLP volunteer lawyer, the focus of his work was to support the Liberian Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, and also (most recently) the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 2008, he published an article in the Maine Law Review entitled “Resurrecting the Rule of Law in Liberia." 

Background Reading on Liberia (pdf)

Maine Law Review article (pdf)