Volume 5, Issue 2 (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Transformative Human Rights: Behind the Scenes3
Domestic Violence and Human Rights5
Classifying Rape as a Weapon of War7
The Case for Universal Jurisdiction Laws9
Challenges for the First Prosecutors of the ICC10
Revenue Transparency in Canada15
The Way Forward in the DRC after the Dodd-Frank Act16
Dependence or Deportation: Immigrant Women in Abusive Relationships19
The Honeymoon is Over in South Sudan21
On Egypt: Freedom Denied?22
Why Libya and not Syria?25
Alyne’s Story27
See no Evil?: Chinese Investment in Africa28
The Anatomy of an Access to Information Complaint31
Involuntary Detention of XDR-TB Patients32
Children’s Rights: A Summer in Rural Kenya37
The “M-Word”39