Volume 6, Issue 2

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IHRP & CCIJ at the Supreme Court1
Interview wih Michael Gibson3
From the Olympics to the Shura Council4
Protest by Female Prisoners in Iran5
Education and Human Rights in Guatemala6
"Bengali Muslims" or Burmese Residents7
Seeking Justice for Victims of Torture8
Fight of African Grandmothers9
Journalists Silenced in Central America9
Interview with Ken Rother11
Point-Counterpoint: Honour Killings in Canadian Criminal Law12
A Conversation with Cecilia Medina12
Canada's Legal and Policy Responses to Modern Day Slavery14
Child Trafficking in the Philippines15
Update on the Human Rights Situation in South Sudan16
Rights and Democracy Flounder in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka17
Canada's War Crimes Program18
Gendering the Arab Spring19
An Interview with Patricia Nyaundi20
An Interview with James Stewart21
An Interview with Rebecca Cook22
The IHRP's Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Working Group23
The IHRP's International Humanitarian Law Working Group23
The Role of the Amicus24
An Interview with Richard Elliott25
Interning at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon26
Louise Arbour Speaks Freely26
Preventing Election Violence in Kenya27
A Conversation with Jameel Jaffer28
Challenging America's Targeted Killings Programs in U.S. Courts29
Revenue Transparency in Canada's Extractive Sector30
Made in Bangladesh31
Refugee Healthcare in Canada31
An Interview with Valentina Azarov32
Protection of Domestic Workers in Bahrain35