Volume 8, Issue 2

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Human RIghts: A Framework to Respond to Violence against Aboriginal Women and Girls1
Limited Liability in Yaiguaje v Chevron4
Long Term Detention of Immigrants with Mental Health Issues in Canada5
Exposing the "Ugly Side" of Canada's Immigration Laws: An Interview with Amar Wala, Director and Producer of The Secret Trial 56
The Secret Trial 5: A Film Review7
UN Criticisms of Canada's Immigration Detention Policies8
Hong Kong's Protests, Free Assembly and the Rule of Law9
The Umbrella Movement: Hong Kong's Quest for Democracy10
Freedom of Expression in Jordan: An Interview with Journalists for Human Rights11
Advocacy, Research and Capacity-Building at the 2015 PEN Americas Summit12
Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy: An Interview with Dr. Wael Haddara13
Fear Above Science: Canada's Ebola-Related Visa Restrictions14
African Grandmothers Tribunal: Seeking Justice at the Frontlines of the AIDS Crisis15
Multiple Voices of Reproductive Law's Most Dynamic Dialogue: Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective, Cases and Controversies, A Book Review16
Mapping Global Health Rights16
Anti-NGO Law Obstructs Efforts to Counter Human Trafficking in Ethiopia17
A Victory in Uganda? LGBT Rights After the Invalidation of the Anti-Homosexuality Act18
Not Safe at Home: Human Rights Watch Reports on LGBT Rights in Jamaica19
Interview with Human Rights Watch's Graeme Reid20
Implementing Canada's Human Rights Obligations21
IHRP in the News21
The WHRR Working Group: Improving Access to Justice through Access to Information23
Rape Law and Rape Statistics in India: A Dismal Picture24
Empty Rulings and Empty Rights: Ongoing Tensions Between Sharia and Civil Courts in Malaysia25
2015 IHRP Interns26
Has Palestine Finally Gained Access to the ICC?27
Developments in Gender-Based Crimes at the ICC: The Prosecutor v Bosco Ntaganda28
IHRP Deepens Partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross28
Looking Ahead: Future Challenges to State Immunity Following R v Kazemi29
The International Criminal Justice Sentencing Gap30
Cautious Hope in Post-War Sri Lanka31
Pakistani Citizens Able to Access Supreme Court Directly through Innovative 'Human Rights Cell'32
The Challenges of the International Criminal Court33
International Criminal Law at a Crossroads: A Conversation with James Stewart34
Interview with Richard Dicker of Human Rights Watch, an Architect of Mdern International Criminal Law35
Inspiration and Entertainment from a True National and Global Leader36
Constitutional Design and Other Adventures: A Conversation with Professor Richard Stacey38
Religious Freedom in the Post-9/11 World: A Conversation with Professor Anna Su39