Volume 9, Issue 1

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Increased Vulnerabilities: A Criticism of North American Refugee Policy1
A Farewell Interview with the Executive Director5
Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa6
Politics of a Refugee Crisis: Syrian Refugees and the Canadian Response7
The Detention of Migrants in Canada8
How One IHRP Alumna Contributed to a Historic Win for LGBT Rights9
Tumaini: Hope in Swahili10
Juvenile Justice and the Age of Criminal Responsibility11
South Sudan: Pervasive Sexual Violence, Potential War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in the World's Newest Country14
eyeWitness and the Issue of Admissibility15
The Role of the Judiciary in Preventing Post-Electoral Violence16
Reflecting on Human Rights, Cultural Relativism and Neo-Colonialism17
Is the Right to Health Flat-Lining in South Africa? The Failing Promise of Health Care Provisions in South Africa's Constitution 18
Analyzing the Right to Health Framework19