Launch of the IHRP Bulletin

By Samer Muscati

As the Director of the IHRP, I’m constantly amazed by the depth and reach of our research associates’ work in advancing international human rights.

Over the past year, our research associates have enabled the IHRP to embark on a variety of new research areas, field visits, and innovative projects. From Rwanda to the Philippines to courtrooms in Canada, our team challenged rights violations, exposed injustices, and learned from community groups to advance international human rights at home and abroad. Our latest research and advocacy focus has been on emerging technologies and human rights, all captured in our hot-off-the-presses newsletter.

For years, the IHRP has featured student content in our Rights Review publication, but there has yet to be an opportunity to directly hear from our staff. So beginning this month, the IHRP will be showcasing the work of our research associates in the IHRP Bulletin, a blog on our website, where our researchers will share updates, analyses and insights on the projects they are leading.

We are looking forward to finding other ways to engage with our community, including on Twitter and Facebook.